Best Pop Up Canopy Tent Reviews 2018

Buying a canopy or tent can a hard task if you don’t have any knowledge or good preparation. Understanding your needs and estimating your budget is very important to help you come with the right choice. The best canopy is the one that should meet and fit your needs, your budget, and your requirement, but is not the one that has high price. Of course, the good canopy should have great features, high quailty, and suitable price.

Pop-up Canopy which is one of the best stuff can protect yourself in the Sun. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to skin, eye, and immune system. It even can cause skin cancer.

Nowadays, it is very common to see outdoor activities being held in every area: from simple house gatherings to community events. Since they are done in an open field or space, visitors and even goods will be exposed to harsh elements once the weather changes.

What more?

Pop up canopies or canopy tents can also be used to protect people and merchandise in outdoor events. People can use those pop up canopies to have good shade and avoid strong winds and moderate rain. These pop up canopies or tents now are very popular because there is increase in outdoor activities. Users can have flexible choices because these tents have various shapes and sizes.

If it is your first time buying the canopies or tents for your own needs, you should read all reviews and tips in order to buy the right one. All given reviews and tips here will help you pick the best suitable ones that meet your needs.

How to choose a good pop up canopy tent

The first thing you should check yourself with some basic questions:

  • What is your current budget?
  • What brand do you prefer?
  • What size that you are looking for?

By answering these questions, you can narrow your choice and pick the best suitable ones quickly and easily. Make sure that these canopies or tents can be used in certain scenarios.

Top features that you should look at:

Type of material: Polyester is often used to make for fabric because of being lightweight and durable.

Type of frame material: Aluminum is usually used for frames. It is durable, and good for large capacity. However, some are made of steel, but not durable in long term.

Usability: Most of good canopies can have various features while some have limited features and functions.

Water/wind resistant: Make sure that the canopy tents can “combat” with winds and rain.

Corner pockets: Make sure that pop up canopy has corner pockets designed.

Color: Just pick the colors that you like

Size: Make sure you choose the right size that fits your needs.

Other factors:

You also need to have a look at the following things in order to know what the right canopy or tent is for you. Getting through these points, you can come up with the perfect canopy:

Size and style: As mentioned earlier, you should check your needs in order to know the right size of canopy. This also includes the style. Checking what event or activity that you prepare so you will have option for size and style.

Frame material: Aluminum frames are recommended if you want to get the durable one in long term investment. These will withstand heavy rains and winds every well. These types of canopy tents can be used in dry or wet condition.

Light or heavy use: Lightweight ones are great for short period of time while heavy-duty ones can stay up for a long period of time.

Fabric used: The quality canopy should be both waterproof and UV-resistant. Flame-retardant material is also recommended.

Setup: Check to see if it is ease of use. How many people are needed for setup?

Storage and portability: Is it easy to store and comfortable to bring it with you?